Vital statistics
Founder Not shown
Year Founded Year 0; Year 1920
Born Year 0 (original birthday)
Year 1940 (reborn)
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Black
Date of Work 2012 (full age)
85 (current age)
Occupation Chess Grandmaster
Gender Male
Race no packs
Pieces no pieces
Friends and Relatives Bragas Legends(member)
Yewas Legends(member)
Family unknown
First Appearance First Game (background)
Chapter 0
Chapter 0
Last Appearance First Game (background)
Chapter 0
Location Heavens
Chessmaster Legends is the former creator of the magic chess. He was the person who masterminds the game and the sacred legends sent to make the world peace. The true identity of "That Person" is still unknown, with only a few insignificant facts about them revealed in the final of the first season and counting run. He also calls himself as God of Chess.

Chessmaster will set to debut but he cannot appeared yet until 2016 if I lived. He was rumor that every game he is the main antagonists of all chess legends series. He can't use pieces yet and he is appeared in the finale of the series. Although more discussion will release next year about him.


Chessmaster was born on year 0 as a human and dies at the age of 120. After 1900 years of his death he was later reincarnate as a human again. His parents were never mentioned ever but it was expecting to be only child and unmarried over the years. At the age of 20 in year 1940 he found his own guild name Sacred Legends under the leadership of Chessmaster himself and making it the strongest team of the 20th century. At the age of 40 in year 1960 (20 years later) he participated on the tournament and becoming the champion and he was earned the title of Chess Master.

At the age of 60 in year 1980 (20 years later) he encounters the darkness of his life and chess that brings chaos to change the morality of Sacred Legends members. The seventh person trying to be prideful and evil to destroy Chess Master but failed. Chessmaster destroys the darkness who made for him and his guildmates but six of the persons are destroyed by that seventh person aiming to become chess master.

In 10 years later on year 1990, in the day of August 4 he quit the guild and the next day he met the baby Steve Legends to praise his birth. He hires necromancers to spy on his former guildmates to just revive them but their attitudes change in hatred and despise. In year 2000 to 2009 they have currently five members and new three members, in year 2010 the latest member is revealed to be Jovil C. Natad who was the only survivor in the battles.

Chessmaster Legends learned about the Monarchiya is the center of the revolt 30 years ago that shocks him in the news. He thinks of Jovil Natad is involved in this but he aware so he orders the necromancers to tell Bragas Legends as a first person to occupy the Bilaotipledio City from the Monarchiyans and made it successful. And on September 12, 2012, Chessmaster is later summon all of his pieces he create to the peoples who want this as part of the legends and becoming the newest chess master of Chess Legends.