Horn on First Impression Pieces
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Gender Male
Power Mammoth Tusk
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Legends Myosotis Legends
Arc Bilaotipledio Arc
Episode Episode 3
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Skill Strategy
Mammoth Tusk
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Horn was made on mammoth and lives in Iceland country. He was found coldly and picked by Myosotis Legends when she starts trading items. His power is mammoth tusk it is similar to the horn within the nose which means he uses for the defenses or when they gone wild it use as offenses. Horn summons two pieces and makes a laser on the two wide diagonals. His horn is not high-technology for you because I make no technologies.


Horn is Bishop in any circumstances when he spits to the ethereal promising. When Horn reaches the fortress the opponent must panick. His horn also kills standby pieces near of him in diagonals only. And releasing the laser to the opponents. This one has hinders that he can kill his allies in one or two that will leads the miss attack. Horn is movable when the pieces is moving. Try someone attacking Horn it will leads his weakness to destroy. Horn should go back to the fortress after his horns were destroyed. So Horn is now pushing to the king by hitting that laser.

Ranks Edit

In October 2012: Horn was placed both ranked 15th in Kills and Experience due to his very newcomer in the episode plus he is more than three pieces are newcomer essentially his skill is beautiful and destroy two enemies quick and well mannered to improve his strategy.


Japan - (角 - Hōn)

China - (喇叭 - Lǎbā)

Philippines - sungay

Spain - cuerno

France - corne


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